Mining Projects

Teviot is a Project Developer and Operator
Teviot’s focus is the efficient and safe development of high quality mining operations on a fit for purpose budget.
Projects in Partnership with local business and local communities
Its Project management style is data driven, strongly technically focussed and analytical in its decision making.

Teviot is not an explorer and prefers to enter projects in partnership with the owner once a potential orebody has been found.

Teviot adds value to all stake holders in its evaluation and optimisation of mining projects, with a strong focus on utilising local advantages eg labour , contractors , expertise, to make a successful operation.

Partner of Choice

Teviot is establishing its reputation as Junior partner of choice for investors in mining projects

Teviot has a fabulous capability to identify and evaluate new opportunities . It does this in house and utilising its advisory partners where specialist skills are required.

Teviot then uses its extensive net work to identify investors who represent that natural owners of the resource and as such would have interest in acquiring it .

Teviot works in partnership with the acquirer to jointly assess the opportunity , develop an acquisition plan and a project development plan .

Teviot becomes a long term junior partner in the business, utilising its organisational capabilities to support the acquirer in developing the project into a successful business.